Allied Media Projects is Hiring a Program Director for the Allied Media Conference

Allied Media Projects is searching for a special person to assume the role of Program Director and lead the Allied Media Conference into its next decade of life.

For nearly 20 years, the Allied Media Conference has been a place where people converge from across the country to share skills and strategies for transforming our world through media, art, and technology. It is a place from which deep analysis about the problems we face and imaginative solutions emerge year after year, through hundreds of workshops, panels, and strategy sessions. It is a place where people come to celebrate, grow relationships, and collectively heal at dance parties and other social events. It is a constantly changing and evolving experiment in distributed leadership, brought to life each year through the collaborative effort of hundreds of volunteer contributors. Over 2,500 people attended the 19th annual Allied Media Conference in June of 2017.

Program Director
Photo by Ara Howrani.

The next AMC Program Director must be committed to working towards a more just and creative world, and have an appreciation for the power of stories, culture, and ideas, to shape reality. They must have a passion and talent for large-scale community facilitation, with the ability to hold big visions and fine-grained details at the same time. They must be a phenomenal collaborator, listener and learner. They must live in or be willing to relocate to Detroit, Michigan.

If you meet this criteria we encourage you to apply! Details about the specific responsibilities and qualifications of the job are listed below.

The salary range for this full-time position is $48,000 - $60,000 commensurate with experience. AMP employees enjoy a generous benefits package. The ideal start date is September 15, 2017.

To apply, please send a cover letter and resume to no later than Wednesday July 19th.

About the AMC Program Director Role


The primary purpose of the AMC Program Director is to lead the year-round process of developing the content of the Allied Media Conference, in collaboration with Allied Media Projects leadership and more than 100 volunteer content coordinators from within the AMC network. The Program Director also oversees the work of a Logistics Coordinator and other support staff to ensure that the conference meets the needs of our diverse body of participants. Read more about what this year round process entails here.


As Program Director you will:

  • facilitate the process of selecting tracks, network gatherings, and practice spaces for the AMC.
  • train and support coordinators of tracks, network gatherings, and practice spaces.
  • curate the 250+ sessions and special events of the AMC.
  • contribute to the broad thematic vision for each year’s conference.
  • manage the collection and flow of information from conference presenters and participants.
  • manage the work of a Logistics Coordinator and other conference support staff.
  • lead the evaluation and reflection process after each year’s conference.


  • A passion and talent for large-scale community facilitation and project management
  • A commitment to working towards a more just and creative world
  • An appreciation for the power of stories, culture, and ideas, to shape reality
  • A phenomenal collaborator, listener and learner
  • Must live in or be willing to relocate to Detroit, Michigan


  • Experience at the AMC as a participant, volunteer, presenter, or track coordinator
  • Experience as a media-based organizer
  • Experience in event production
  • Experience with conflict mediation and/or facilitating challenging conversations
  • Experience designing and leading creative, participatory workshops
  • Ability to learn and refine communications, data and/or organizing systems, including building and navigating spreadsheets and online management systems
  • Excellent writing and editing skills
  • Ability to build relationships across diverse issue areas and identity groups
  • Comprehensive understanding of accessibility; experience producing events that are accessible to people with disabilities, non-english speakers, queer and transgendered people, parents, low-income people, and multiple age groups
  • Familiarity with principles and practices of collaborative design
  • Familiarity with Detroit social justice organizing and ability to draw connections between Detroit and other communities within the national AMP network
  • Ability/desire to work flexible hours, including occasional evenings and weekends, and willingness to travel occasionally

Morgan Willis Jenny Lee
Morgan Willis and Jenny Lee at AMC2016.

About Allied Media Projects

What’s it like to work at Allied Media Projects?

“[Working at] Allied Media Projects is an adventure that is equal parts hard work, big ideas, and loving execution” – Mo Willis, AMC Director

“I’ve worked here for more than 10 years and have never been bored for a single day.” – Jenny Lee, Executive Director

“AMP is a place where you can bring your whole self. Everyone has a lot of things that they’re passionate about and you don’t have to leave them behind to work here.” – Muna Danish, Communications Manager

“Do you want to work with the most talented freaks and geeks in Detroit? Then there’s no better organization for you to be at.” – Mike Medow, Chief Operating Officer

What does Allied Media Projects do?

In addition to producing the annual Allied Media Conference, AMP's Sponsored Projects Program provides fiscal sponsorship and other support services to more than 60 media, art, and technology-based social justice projects in Detroit and nationally.

To learn about AMP and the AMC, check out the following links:

Allied Media Projects is an Equal Opportunity Employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color, gender, gender identity, gender expression, age, ethnicity, national origin, immigration status, sexual orientation, religion, HIV serostatus, disability, height, weight, veteran status or marital status.

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