A more just and creative world

Allied Media Projects cultivates media strategies for a more just, creative and collaborative world. We serve a network of media makers, artists, educators, and technologists working for social justice.

Our definition of media includes all forms of communication, from videos and websites to theater, dance, design, and interactive technology. Through the Allied Media Conference and the Sponsored Projects program, AMP shares and supports models for using media for transformative social change.

Our work is grounded in Network Principles developed and evolved through dialogue with our uniquely diverse and collaborative community of participants.

We are based in Detroit, MI. Our network includes people and organizations from more than 150 towns and cities across the U.S., Canada, and abroad.

Allied Media Conference

We convene close to 2,500 people annually in Detroit to innovate and exchange strategies through the Allied Media Conference. We facilitate a participatory design process each year to develop a unique range of conference content exploring the intersections of media and communications, art, technology, education, and social justice.

The Allied Media Conference began in 1999 as a celebration of independent publishing and do-it-yourself culture. The AMC has expanded to a large and diverse gathering, offering hands-on trainings in a wide-range of media practices, from breakdancing to video-blogging to building radio transmitters and wireless mesh networks. The AMC fosters strategies for how these practices can support and inspire grassroots organizing for social justice.

The AMC has become a one-of-a-kind convergence point for the most visionary and effective media-based organizers from across the U.S. and beyond, who come to Detroit every year to teach and to learn. Learn more about the Allied Media Conference.

Sponsored Projects Program

Out of the AMC emerge new projects, campaigns, and collaborations that continue year round. Through our Sponsored Projects program, AMP offers these projects access to a range of supportive services including fiscal management, project planning, fundraising support, and communications strategy. See our sponsored projects here.

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