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Healing Together Network Gathering seeks mini-sessions

At the last Allied Media Conference, health practitioners, healers, and healing justice organizers gathered for dinner. Most said, "I want to see a North American Healing Network!"

Well, we heard you!

Photo by Torri Ashford

Announcing AMC2012 Tracks, Network Gatherings, and Practice Spaces. Submit session proposals now!

AMC2012 features 21 amazing participant-organized Tracks, Network Gatherings, and Practice Spaces. Read the descriptions here!

You are now invited to submit proposals for AMC sessions. Submit your proposal at AMPTalk!

Photo by Vanessa Miller

The AMP Strategy Screen

Allied Media Projects recently developed a "Strategy Screen" to help us evaluate opportunities. On a consistent basis, AMP is presented with opportunities for funding, partnerships, public presentations and outreach, program expansion, and consulting others on their initiatives, campaigns, and ventures. It was not enough for us to just follow our instincts as we evaluated these opportunities.

Help Shape AMC2012 - Take a 10-Minute Survey

Next week, 34 coordinators of the AMC2012 tracks, network gatherings and practice spaces will meet up in Detroit for three days of intensive planning.