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Visionary Organizing Lab

Visionary Organizing Lab began in 2016 as a volunteer pilot conducting workshops on building beloved community, a new economy, and developing systems based understandings of the world. These pilot workshops taught us that our work helped people quickly grasp systems-based understandings of history and taught us that story-based media could support the visionary organizing of alternative institutions.

As we learned these lessons, experts across disciplines and the political spectrum began to increasingly show that for ecological, technological and economic reasons the global economy is reaching its systemic limits and transitioning into a new system that people will create. Sensing that this transition required people willing to name it and contribute leadership, Visionary Organizing Lab began evolving into a staff based popular education laboratory in 2018-19, training people to guide this transition by creating dignity affirming economies and institutions. Toward this end we create story-based media on building alternatives, conduct popular education, and publish reports and documentaries on systems and the economy.