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Visionary Organizing Lab


Visionary Organizing Lab is a laboratory to experiment with, ideas, ways of thinking, and practices for facilitating the systemic transition of the modern world-system into something else.

With the world-economy undermining its survival on environmental, technological, and economic grounds, we recognize that opportunities exist to create a more humane economy and to facilitate the emergence of a new social system. Taking advantage of this opportunity requires us to connect to our capacity to create and transform, as well as develop an ability to think and act holistically. Visionary Organizing Lab experiments with ways to facilitate these connections and supports people in developing these analytical skills and practices so that people might self-consciously facilitate this systemic transition.

We provide this support by facilitating what we call Praxis Labs, by producing short documentaries on projects with implications for systemic transition, and by publishing writings on these projects, the world-economy, and on political and personal transformation.