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Visionary Organizing Lab

We live in uncertain times. Everywhere we turn things are not working. Parents and grandparents wonder what kind of world their children and grandchildren will live in. Mass shootings are rampant, people are losing pensions, water is contaminated, housing is unaffordable, the climate is changing, and racist violence is common. Although we hear that the economy is strong, most people feel squeezed and insecure about the future. A growing gap between the rich and everyone else is clear. Political chaos and instability are rampant. This chaos exists because our social-economic system is in crisis and transitioning into something new and uncertain. Although we cannot know what it will become we know that people will determine the future.

Visionary Organizing Lab envisions people guiding us through this transition into a new sustainable, dignity-affirming social and economic system by creating sustainable economies and food systems, community-based efforts to resolve conflict and crime, and transformative cultural practices. We work toward this vision by connecting people to their creative capacity to create sustainable, dignity affirming economies, institutions, and cultural practices within a systems based framework.

Three strands of direct education advance our mission:

Documentary Storytelling

We identify, develop, and share the stories of people whose work has implications for creating a sustainable dignity affirming system with writing and video. Through these stories, we inspire people, deepen learning about systems, and provide models of the kinds of organizing that can guide this transition into a sustainable dignity affirming system.

Popular Education

We offer workshops and trainings we call Praxis Labs, classes, and place-based learning journeys. These offerings are rooted in systems thinking and organizing and connect people to their creative capacity to create a new system. They emphasize history, theory, resilience, and the human desire and capacity to grow.

Research and Analysis

We publish documentaries and reports that foster understanding of this transition and how people might guide us through it by creating a sustainable dignity affirming system.