Transformative Media Organizing Project

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Transformative Media Organizing Project

Transformative Media Organizing Project

Towards Transformative Media Organizing

The Transformative Media Organizing Project links LGBTQ and Two-Spirit organizers, media makers, and tech-activists across the United States.

Transformative media organizing is an approach that allows the LGBTQ and Two-Spirit movement to center the voices, leadership, and agendas of those who survive and build community together under the most difficult conditions. LGBTQ people of color and Two-Spirit folks increasingly use transformative media organizing strategies to work together across intersections, and to challenge structural, state, and interpersonal violence, racism, heteronormativity, mass incarceration, detention and deportation, and more. They make queer lives, experience, and wisdom visible through media and culture-making.

How We Were Formed

Recognizing the need to share media skills, develop new knowledge, and design innovative media projects, the Ford Foundation’s Advancing LGBT Rights Initiative (no longer active), the MIT Center for Civic Media, and Research Action Design teamed up with key organizational partners and expert advisers across the country to create the Out for Change Transformative Media Organizing Project (OCTOP).

OCTOP links LGBTQ & Two-Spirit and allied media makers, organizers, and tech-activists together in a national network. In 2013-2014, we launched the project, conducted a series of monthly media skillshares, and carried out a participatory strengths and needs assessment of media work by LGBTQ and Two-Spirit organizations in the United States.

Funders & Partners

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