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Survived and Punished

Thank you for your interest in supporting Survived and Punished. All donations to Survived and Punished are processed through Allied Media Projects, a 501c3 tax deductible organization.

survived and punished

As we resist the anti-Black racist, sexist, anti-immigrant, anti-trans, Islamophobic Trump regime determined to extend and deepen the vicious entanglements of violence, Survived and Punished (S&P) is called to press forward in our fearless support of survivors who live within the intersections of violence and criminalization.

Throughout this week, we are raising $10,000 to nourish our growing project. Send a “Happy Birthday” shoutout to Survived and Punished, and show your solidarity with criminalized and incarcerated survivors by donating to support one of our critical projects!

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For the past year, S&P has worked tirelessly to realize our vision of freedom for incarcerated survivors. From policy research projects to prison peer training programs to freedom campaign support (including court watches, legal support, and letter-writing) to paradigm-shifting media and advocacy work, Survived and Punished has been on. the. move!

Our efforts include:

  • Supporting defense campaigns for criminalized survivors—such as those organized on behalf of Bresha Meadows, Nan-Hui Jo, and Cherelle Baldwin.
  • Our prison visiting team, which provides direct in-person advocacy for survivors: we visit incarcerated survivors, provide emotional support, and help advocate for their needs.
  • Providing workshops and community education for domestic violence organizations statewide at the annual California Partnership to End Domestic Violence conference alongside currently and formerly incarcerated survivors.
...and more!

More about Survived and Punished:

Our coalition recognizes that policing, immigration enforcement, and the prison industrial complex are violent institutions that primarily target poor communities of color and that, for many survivors - especially, Black, indigenous, immigrant, queer and trans survivors - the experiences of domestic violence, rape, and other forms of gender violence are entangled with systems of incarceration and police violence. While these state systems imagine themselves as alternatives and solutions to violence, in structure and practice, they operate as agents of and accomplices to gender and sexual violence to populations that are among the most vulnerable. In addition to supporting currently and formerly incarcerated survivors, we are also committed to raising awareness of the deadly consequences of pro-carceral anti-violence movements.

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