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The BIPOC Project


Our Story

Our project was conceived to nurture collective strength across BIPOC diaspora to disrupt Native invisibility and anti black racism. As BIPOC folks, we have historically struggled to build and maintain authentic relationships and movements across racial groups under the weight and seduction of white supremacy. Additionally, we sought to offer an alternative space to racial justice trainings that often centered white people’s learning often at great emotional cost to BIPOC folks.

BIPOC Project Solidarity Principles

Decolonize Stories - Seek, learn, share and affirm the distinct histories of BIPOC communities; and unlearn dominant narratives

Develop a Power Analysis - Consider how each BIPOC community is differently situated in the racial hierarchy and differently affected by issues

Uplift Native and Black Humanity - Honor the legacies of Native and Black resistance to colonization and white supremacy; and actively examine how disparities and injustices uniquely affect Native and Black communities

Organize Your People – ‘Call in’ your communities to deeper understanding and empathy for all BIPOC communities with love and compassion

Build Intergroup Connections and Relationships – Build just relationships; and invest in one another’s liberation

Commit to Personal and Collective Healing – Practice both individual and community care; acknowledge ruptures and invite connection; and center healing and transformative justice.