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Stories & (___)

Stories & (___) Story

Communal Storytelling

Stories lowers the barrier of connection between people. Below is a list of our current storytelling initiatives:

Stories & Bikes
Pedal to Porch is a neighborhood bike ride that includes stops along a route where residents use their front porch as a stage to tell their story. We use the power of storytelling to lower the barrier of connection between neighbors, initiate new conversations, and celebrate neighborhood history. Pedal to Porch was featured in the 2017 FREEP Film Fest. To learn more click here.

Stories & Food
What happens when storytelling and food collide? Dinner for 30 is a multi-sensory experience that encourages people to cross cultural bridges. A cook is invited to make a food dish that is connected to a fond memory and tell a story in front of an audience of 30. At the end the story, the audience will taste the dish. Over the course of 12-months, we will host up to 5 dinners and will design an online Detroit recipe-story book. Launching Fall 2017.

Stories & Workshops
We have learned storytelling techniques from Stanford d. School, Pixar Animation Studios, and Detroit-based storytellers. We compiled the best of all of these techniques into a single 60-minute workshop.