Reg Flowers


Reg Flowers is an artist, activist and educator, whose work is rooted in ancient shamanic, African trickster, and Brazilian Joker traditions. Reg uses Theater of the Oppressed, Art of Hosting, Navajo Peacemaking and other anti-oppression techniques, as the foundation of their theater-making, mediation, problem-solving and group healing practices.

They are the founder of Award-winning Falconworks Theater Company, which uses popular theater to build capacities for civic engagement and social change. They have received broad recognition, numerous awards, and citations for their community service. They are a faculty member at Pace University and a company member of Shakespeare in Detroit.

Current and Upcoming Work

  • Reg Flowers is currently completing their first full-length work of non-fiction, The Crazy Queer Black Radical Atheist’s Guide to Recovery (edited by Jami Bernard).
  • Reg will direct The Program, a new interactive theater event on the subject of racism through the lens of 12-step recovery.
  • Reg will present at the 25th Annual Pedagogy and Theatre of the Oppressed Conference in Chicago, IL in May 2020.

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