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Allied Media Projects offers booking services to select participants in the Sponsored Projects program. The following presenters are now available for speaking engagements, performances, and/or consultation services in your communities and institutions.

To submit a booking inquiry, click the links below. We will work with the host organization to tailor the engagement towards your needs and goals.

Mic Write

ONUS Chain

Mic Write (Chace Morris) is a poet/emcee from Detroit. He recently released ONUS Chain, an ambitious visual/music hybrid project that Okayplayer championed as “one of 2016's best protest records”.

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Petty Propolis

Petty Propolis

What does it mean to resist and what role can visionary organizing and art play in resistance? Toni Cade Bambara said, "the role of the artist is to make revolution irresistible." Petty Propolis embodies that responsibility through written and spoken poetry, workshops, literature, and presentations.

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Sherina Sharpe

On Becoming Unfukwitable

Book Sherina Sharpe's one-woman show, On Becoming Unfukwitable, to break silence and explore the generational effects of sexual assault within communities of color.

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dani mcclain

Dani McClain Media

Dani McClain writes and reports on race, reproductive justice, policy and politics. She is a contributing writer at The Nation and a fellow with The Nation Institute.

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octava's brood

Octavia's Brood

Octavia’s Brood is touring the US and offering opportunities to bring radical science fiction to your upcoming event.

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adrienne maree brown

Emergent Strategy Ideation Institute

adrienne maree brown is the author of Emergent Strategy, co-editor of Octavia’s Brood: Science Fiction from Social Justice Movements. She is a writer, facilitator, pleasure activist, coach, healer and doula living in Detroit.

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Walidah Imarisha

Walida Imarisha Workshops

Walidah Imarisha is a writer, educator, activist and spoken word artist. She is the author of Angels with Dirty Faces: Three Stories of Crime, Prison, and Redemption, the poetry collection Scars/Stars and co-editor of two anthologies: Octavia’s Brood: Science Fiction Stories from Social Justice Movements and Another World is Possible.

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