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Shrine of the Black Medusa

black-and-white portrait of Casey Rocheteau

Casey Rocheteau

Casey Rocheteau was born on Cape Cod, and raised as a sea witch. They are an author, visual/sound artist and historian living in Detroit, Michigan. Winner of inaugural Write A House permanent residency in 2014, Rocheteau resides in a home they won with poems. In 2014, Rocheteau created the Shrine of the Black Medusa Tarot. They are the managing editor of Heart Online Journal and their second poetry collection, The Dozen, was released on Sibling Rivalry Press in 2016. Their writing has appeared in Apogee, The American Academy of Poets, Day One, The Offing, LitHub, Barnes and Noble Review among others. Their visual art has been displayed at Cranbrook Museum of Art and the Pulitzer Arts Foundation.

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