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Seraphine Collective

Seraphine Collective Story

Promoting Inclusion in the Detroit Music and Art Scenes

In November 2013, Lauren Rossi began Seraphine Collective as a blog project featuring interviews and individual profiles of female-identified Detroit musicians. Her hope was to highlight, inspire, and encourage current and aspiring musicians in the area. These conversations sparked a rich exchange of ideas, including the need for a collectively-owned and operated venue, record label, recording studio, and workshops and classes where women, femmes, queer, transgender, and POC can share their skills. Determined to actualize these ideas, Seraphine Collective–a group of ambitious folx determined to promote inclusion in the Detroit music and art scenes was formed.

Since its inception, Seraphine Collective has grown and changed dramatically. The collective now includes many who work tirelessly to advance a supportive and collaborative community of feminist musicians and artists in Detroit. We do this in part by providing opportunities for individuals to connect through music appreciation and expression. We regularly curate shows, festivals, and workshops that feature local and touring musicians, and we continue to feature emerging and established musicians on and social media outlets. The ultimate goal of the Collective is to open a space in the city of Detroit where the diverse community of women, femmes, queer, transgender, and POC adult and youth artists, patrons, and residents can support and foster visibility of this community in a music scene dominated by patriarchal and institutionally racist cultural norms.

Inspired by feminist ethos, our collective aims to be accessible to those who may typically feel excluded from or underrepresented in Detroit’s independent music scenes, and encourages the honest expression of both feminist unity and differences. We hold quarterly community meetings that provide a forum for the thoughtful exploration of how music intersects with identity, community consciousness and activism efforts in Detroit.