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Seraphine Collective

Current Project Leaders

Aaron Gooch

Aaron Gooch

Aaron Gooch is a professional helper. A friend of humans and animals. Former small-town record store owner. Currently, a Certified Consumer Credit Counselor working with a non-profit financial wellness agency helping clients navigate bankruptcy. Cries easily listening to pop punk and watching television. Always chasing the high of a good live show. Loves everything a lot except patriarchy, white supremacy, and capitalism.

Linda Jordan

Linda Jordan

Linda Jordan is an attorney, an activist and a musician. As a legal aid attorney, she assists low-income Detroiters in civil legal matters and fosters community connections with a variety of nonprofits and neighborhood groups. With Seraphine, she applies her legal knowledge to help the organization function efficiently and grow. She also co-organizes Mittenfest, an annual music festival that benefits 826 Michigan, a creative writing nonprofit. In her spare time, she writes sappy love songs that are somehow upbeat for her band Best Exes, and host’s shows in her attic.

Tina Louise

Tina Louise

Tina Louise is a longtime supporter and promoter of Seraphine Collective’s mission. She holds a Master’s of Social Work degree from the University of Michigan’s School of Social Work, a Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology and a Bachelor’s of Science in Women’s and Gender Studies from Grand Valley State University. She is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, a registered ASIST Suicide Intervention Trainer, LEO Lecturer and Assistant Researcher for the University of Michigan’s School of Social Work, a musician, visual artist, writer, feminist, community organizer, and an avid believer in the healing power of creative communication through the arts. You can catch one her musical performances in the Detroit area. Bands include The Free Bleeders along with various performances with other acts.


Augusta Morrison

Augusta Morrison is a community organizer, educator, and musician based in Detroit. She attended Michigan State University and studied Arts and Humanities and Art Education. She is deeply passionate about music and arts and has worked within the education and programming departments at the Broad Art Museum, Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit and Detroit Institute of Arts. Her passion and investment in the Detroit music and arts scene has opened her up to starting her own booking agency called Neue Haus Booking. She currently books for Seraphine Collective, local and touring acts, plays in Detroit-based band, Double Winter, and has an experimental music and performance project called Bigabite.

black-and-white photo of Shelley standing against a white background

Shelley Salant

Shelley Salant is a musician and arts organizer living in Ypsilanti. She’s been independently booking and putting on shows for the past 8 years, hosting the Local Music Show on WCBN for 5 years, and runs a small run record and cassette label Ginkgo. She plays bass in Rebel Kind, has a solo guitar project called Shells, and has played in various other bands including Swimsuit and Saturday Looks Good to Me. She is excited about the possibilities of a Seraphine Collective space opening in Detroit. She also compiles monthly area show listings here.


Sophia Softky

Sophia Softky is a writer, fundraiser, and former nomad putting down roots in Detroit. They also moonlight as BEIGE, a DJ in the House of Cyborg. Sophia joined the Seraphine Collective because they firmly believe in the power of social justice organizing through arts and culture.

Rachel Thompson

Rachel Thompson

Rachel Thompson is a clinical Social worker, community organizer, writer, Mama and wanna-be musician living in Southwest Detroit. Rachel believes in the transformative power of dance floors & cares deeply about authentic human relationships and arts communities as a unit of solution in Detroit neighborhoods.

Kesiena Wanogho standing against a white wall and bright blue sky, wearing bright orange

Kesiena Wanogho

Kesiena Wanogho (also known as Kesswa) is a singer, songwriter, performer and practicing DJ through Seraphine Collective’s Beat Match Brunch 102 cohort. She believes in the work that Seraphine Collective does through their feminist ethos and wants to create safe spaces for femmes and gender non conforming people in the arts through her work.

Kayla Hensly DJing

Kayla Hensley

Kayla Hensley currently resides in Ypsilanti, MI where she received her degree in Communications and Writing from EMU. She has a background working for non-profits and is an aspiring grant/technical writer. You can find her also hosting/booking the Local Music Show at WCBN or playing the techno/house radio show Crush Collision. (All are welcome!) After completing the latest installation of the Beat Match Brunch she plays out under the alias Khlonez!

grayscale photo of Nikki Roach standing against the side of a UPS truck

Nikki Roach

Nikki Roach is a Detroit-based artist and designer that began working with Seraphine Collective on the creation of a visual brand. She continues to develop Seraphine artwork, and after joining the Beat Match Brunch occasionally spins as Nijk.