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Seraphine Collective

Seraphine Collective Accomplishments
  • Since it's inception, Seraphine Collective has presented more than 50 events, including:
    • three editions of an annual music festival (BFF Fest)
    • a monthly residency at PJ's Lager House
    • monthly DJ night at UFO Factory
  • Seraphine Collective has released eight mixtapes, collectively featuring over 150 different bands/performers and more than 200 female-identified musicians.
  • In April of 2016, Seraphine Collective hosted the pilot of their DJ workshop series, Beat Match Brunch, taught by local DJ Mother Cyborg (Diana Nucera). Over the course of four weeks, eight women with diverse musical tastes and cultural backgrounds learned how to use turntables, handle, select and “read” vinyl records, isolate sounds, and use BPMs to beat-match, all in a supportive and collaborative community environment.
  • Five of the DJs that participated in the first class made their debut performances at Seraphine Collective’s annual summer music festival, BFF Fest, this past August, and have begun playing regular gigs at other local events.