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DIY WiFi for Response, Recovery, and Resilience

Help restore communications to Puerto Rico with Resilient Just Technologies! PNK's (Portable Network Kits) are a solar-powered standalone communications platform designed to help people communicate in emergencies, or wherever communications are limited. Currently, we are training Puerto Rico residents on how to assemble and configure PNKs so they can set up local networks and community hotspots as the island recovers from Hurricane Maria. These PNKs will also serve as the first basic elements of community-owned and controlled infrastructure.

We are fundraising now to ship a critical mass of equipment to trained residents in Puerto Rico as early as November 1. Our goal is $25,500, inclusive of equipment for three full PNKs, training personnel, and transportation. If we do not reach our goal, we will still be able to ship a great deal of useful equipment to the island. These kits include the biggest portable battery packs and solar panels available, which are a large portion of our costs. Though we are striving to fund as much as possible as quickly as possible, contributions to this campaign will be accepted through November 24, 2017, to send additional kits, trainers, and repair supplies in the weeks to come.

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