Raising Voices!

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Raising Voices!

Unearthing Untold Stories

Raising Voices! is a process-oriented film collective, based in Detroit, that leverages the use of this medium as a means of honoring our history and creating visibility for trans and/or queer people of color. As a team comprised of queer and/or trans people of color we find it fundamental to document similar stories nationally and globally. We work collaboratively with the intention of creating a more accurate reference for those sharing these identities.

Currently, we are in pre-production for the documentary series “D­-town Sound” which highlights the experiences of queer and/or trans identified musicians of color as they navigate the Detroit music scene: the axis of music innovation bringing the world Motown, Techno, and Hardcore Punk. Through a lense combining the past, present, and future we use archives, performances, and personal stories of the protagonists in a collaborative effort to create visibility. Our long term goal includes funding a six-episode season, on Detroit musicians with these identities, and then replicating the general outline to unearth untold stories in other cities nationally and globally.