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People in Education

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For the last eight years, PIE has partnered with over 25 educational institutions, helped over 70 teachers create more humane classrooms, nurtured the creative self-development of 3,000 students and facilitated 50 student-led media arts investigations. Children standing around a table smiling and building with legos

Our work to keep learning spaces relevant to students’ lives, to keep educators and artists prepared for the lasting work of humanizing schooling, is ever evolving. Give now and help us continue to create more compassionate and creative learning environments.

All donations to People in Education are processed through Allied Media Projects, a 501c3 tax deductible organization.

You can also contribute by sending a check made out to Allied Media Projects and mail it to the following address:

Allied Media Projects
4126 Third St.
Detroit, MI 48201

Please write "People in Education" in the memo line.