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Petty Propolis

Petty Propolis Booking

Petty Propolis is available to bring any of the events listed below to your community.

Types of Events

Public Speaking

Tawana aka Honeycomb has been a featured speaker across the globe. She is available for themed storytelling as well as keynote speaker presentations and panels on various social justice issues. See media tab for more information.

Poetry As Visionary Resistance Workshop

This session explores the role of poetry in social justice movements, highlights poetry as an avenue for visionary resistance and as an art form worthy of political study. We will explore poems, flip poems, dissect poems and assess their contributions to political movement, theory and livelihood. Participants will walk away with collectively written poetry and an understanding of the role of the poet in narrating and ushering in a new world.


Tawana “Honeycomb” Petty is available for spoken word performances and readings. She is also available for author talks and book discussions. At least 30 days of reading time required for author talks.


Tawana “Honeycomb” Petty is available to facilitate social justice gatherings, workshops and retreats.

Public Speaking 101

Want to learn how to present on a panel or in front of an audience? Take my workshop.

Undoing Racism & the Privilege Narrative

It’s time to move from ally-ship to co-liberation. Let’s grow our souls together and get off the racial seesaw with new language and new strategies for anti-racism organizing.