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AMP staff teach video production and green-screening at the Allied Media Conference

AMP Trainings & Services: Helping you produce media for a more just, creative, and collaborative world

Allied Media Projects offers a wide variety of trainings and services to help you use media and creative communications to strengthen your work. The trainings and services we offer reflect the knowledge and resources we’ve amassed over 15 years of producing the Allied Media Conference, and offering local media programs in Detroit.

The new AMP website

AMP's web development partner The Work Department has launched a new blog for discussing their projects. They recently published some reflections on the production of the Allied Media Projects homepage.

Photo by Vanessa Miller

The AMP Strategy Screen

Allied Media Projects recently developed a "Strategy Screen" to help us evaluate opportunities. On a consistent basis, AMP is presented with opportunities for funding, partnerships, public presentations and outreach, program expansion, and consulting others on their initiatives, campaigns, and ventures. It was not enough for us to just follow our instincts as we evaluated these opportunities.