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Staying Ready blog post

Staying Ready

Beloved community,

We are here. We are with you.

Over the next days and weeks we will be reconfiguring everything — how we work, how we eat, how we keep our hearts, minds, and bodies strong. For AMP, the nature of our days and the shape of our programs will transform, but the core of our work remains the same.

The Chrysalis Continues

When the Allied Media Conference decided to enter a year-long period of reflection, known as the Year in Chrysalis, it set off a series of ripple effects within and beyond Allied Media Projects. Though we didn’t have the option of shutting the organization down for a year to reflect, we’ve continuously asked ourselves chrysalis questions: questions that open up possibilities for fundamental transformation.

2020 Visions

This time in January can feel like a kind of liminal zone — a time between what was of the past year, but not fully of the new one.

To ground ourselves in the meaning of our work here at Allied Media Projects, we kicked off 2020 with an organization-wide retreat that included a panel discussion exploring “media for liberation,” the center of our revised mission.

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Help sustain our work through 2020!

To our beautiful community,

In 2019, you were a part of the most significant growth in our organization’s history. 

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Request for proposals: New website for AMP and AMC

    Call for website redesign proposals

Thank you to everyone who participated in our website co-design sessions and surveys earlier this spring! Thanks to your input, we've put together a request for proposals (RFP) for a rebuilt, redesigned to support the breadth and depth of all things Allied Media. Our network creates incredibly vital and beautiful work. We want our refreshed site to be a container that enables this work to shine.

Next steps