AMP Blog: Allied Media Conference

Welcome to the 17th Annual Allied Media Conference!

The AMC is growing! This year’s AMC includes more than 300 hands-on workshops, film screenings, strategy sessions, and parties – nearly 100 more sessions than we had last year. The dynamic and diverse content of the AMC has been curated and developed with care over the past year by the Allied Media Projects staff and 95 volunteer coordinators of tracks, practice spaces, and network gatherings.

The AMC: What Keeps Us Coming Back

As we gear up for the biggest AMC yet, we asked some of our returning participants what keeps them coming back year after year. Beyond the hands-on workshops, strategy sessions, media-making, and fun times on the dance floor, the thread across all of these different elements is the sense of community and relationship building that deepens every year.

The AMC2015 Program Book: Our Biggest Ever!

You can now view and download the AMC2015 program book online. At 272 pages, it’s the biggest program book yet for what will be the biggest and best AMC ever!

10 Reasons Why AMC2015 Will be the Best AMC Ever

Every year we promise to bring you the best AMC ever, and this year is no exception. From an expanded music showcase to more film screenings and Detroit tours, this year’s AMC is packed to the brim with the most dynamic and diverse programming ever. Ever!

The Sundance Institute at AMC2015: Workshops and Screenings

Detroit filmmakers and visual artists! Allied Media Projects is excited to partner with the Sundance Institute to bring film screenings and workshops to the Allied Media Conference, June 18-21. Discover new forms of storytelling, meet local and national filmmakers and visual artists, and explore how the convergence of story and technology impact justice.