AMC is hiring an AMC Co-Director


AMP is seeking a Co-Director for the Allied Media Conference

The Allied Media Conference is excited to expand its leadership team as it re-emerges from a year-long Chrysalis process that has resulted in two major areas of AMC programming: the (now biennial) Allied Media Conference in Detroit and AMSeeds.

The AMC has been a place where people converge from across the country to share skills and strategies for transforming our world through media, art, and technology. The Allied Media Conference works at the intersection of many social justice communities: youth leadership, queer and transgender liberation, environmental justice, disability justice, transformative justice, radical people of color anti-violence, healing justice, prison abolition, decolonization movements, anti-poverty movements, radical art, intergenerational movement-building, immigrant justice, media justice, community media, open source technology, education for liberation, and many more.

AMSeeds are small-scale regional or thematic gatherings amplifying media-based organizing work within a community. They are anchored by host organizations or teams who receive dedicated training and support from AMC staff in the design and execution of their gatherings .The purpose of AMSeeds, in part, is to answer the question, how do we want to grow?

Rather than make Detroit a more and more powerful center of gravity within our network, AMSeeds distribute energy outward. Local adaptation and ownership are essential to this idea. AMSeeds will not be replicas of the Detroit conference; they will draw from the AMC’s 20 years of lessons in convening and repurpose them to meet community-specific needs. We are hiring for a Co-Director to focus on developing AMSeeds while learning and supporting the ins and outs of the Detroit-based AMC.

Role Overview

The AMC Co-Director will work alongside the current AMC Director, Nadine Marshall, to support the production of the biennial AMC in Detroit, while leading the research and design of the new “AMSeeds.” Read more about the AMC’s new post-Chrysalis shape here. Together, the co-directors will create sustainable processes and structures that will inform upcoming and future AMP convenings. In addition to a co-director, the AMC team will include: a new Communications Associate (to be hired), AMP’s leadership staff, an advisory board and temporary hires. Together, the co-directors will create sustainable processes and structures that will inform upcoming and future AMP convenings.

Support AMC Production

  • Support the creation and finalization of new data systems for content, logistics, and network cultivation.
  • Participate in developing agendas and meeting priorities for all collaborators.
  • Co-develop programming, including plenaries, opening ceremonies, and AMC @ Night content.
  • Participate in the recruiting, selection and onboarding of session presenters, Network Gathering coordinators, volunteers and temporary staff.
  • Manage selected areas during AMC2020 weekend.
  • Participate in ongoing evaluations and debriefings post-AMC.
  • Participate in sponsorship development and cultivation.
  • Participate in the production of conference activities during AMC’s week of events.

Launching AMSeeds

  • Develop the process for engaging community stakeholders, potential hosts and locations during AMC2020.
  • Co-develop an operating budget for AMSeeds within the AMC budget.
  • Create tools, platforms and language to engage AMP community in refining AMSeeds shape and structure.
  • Lead or oversee the development of an AMSeeds curriculum / toolkit.
  • Lead and shape agendas for all meetings and planning sessions for AMSeeds.
  • Facilitate the AMP-related structural, programmatic and technical aspects of AMSeeds.
  • Engage in a documentation process that allows the lessons and outcomes to be shared and built upon.
  • Attend as many AMSeed gatherings as possible.
  • Create and lead a debriefing and reporting process to be shared at AMC2022.

Network Development

  • Create partnerships with cities, regions, venues, partners in AMSeeds locations.
  • Co-develop opportunities for the AMP network to participate, follow or support AMSeeds
  • Communications and Data Management
  • Collaborate with the AMP Communications team to manage AMSeeds storytelling.
  • Work with AMP’s Technology Team to identify platforms and 3rd party vendors best suited to support our work.
  • Regularly engage with AMSeeds organizing teams, developing robust systems of communication and mutual accountability.
  • Develop tools for assessment of AMSeeds for internal use and external reporting.
  • Support Development team in developing dynamic narratives for future AMSeeds funding.

Special Programs

  • Work with Sponsored Projects Program team to identify projects within that network best suited to support, participate in or co-lead AMSeeds.
  • Develop programs within and beyond AMC2020 that help define AMSeeds impact strategy and goals.
  • Work with emerging partners, sponsors or funders to develop content for AMSeeds that furthers the mission of our work.
  • Identify future programs or events outside of AMC2020 or AMSeeds that contribute towards building the network, context and impact of our work.

Organizational Culture

  • Adhere to AMP Working Agreements
  • Participate in AMP staff meetings and retreats
These represent our best efforts to define the scope of this new position. After 6 months, AMP staff will meet to check in and potentially re-evaluate areas of this scope.


The next AMC Co-Director must be committed to working towards a more just and creative world and have an appreciation for the power of stories, culture, and ideas, to shape reality. They must have a passion and talent for well-executed, collaborative event production, with the ability to hold big visions and fine-grained details at the same time. They must be a phenomenal collaborator, listener and media-based organizer.

AMP is looking for applicants with...

  • A working knowledge of the Allied Media Project’s network.
  • A strong background in event conception, planning and production.
  • An understanding of media-based organizing as a concept and practice.
  • A background in creating synthesis between different spaces, backgrounds, people, technologies.
  • Experience producing at least one large-scale (500+ people) event that incorporated multiple platforms, stakeholders and needs.
  • A strong commitment to developing healthy work practices of collaboration, problem solving and dream-weaving.
  • Excellent written, communication and planning skills.
  • Demonstrated experience working with people and the identities that shape our network.
  • Experience leading and managing staff and collaborators.
  • Public speaking, facilitation and program building skills.
  • Familiarity with data management and online systems that store, manage and shape information.
Additionally, we would love it if you:
  • Are multilingual.
  • Have basic graphic design or web building experience.
  • Are an active media-based organizer or media-maker with a social-justice background.

Job Details and How to Apply

This role’s salary range is $55,000-$75,000 and includes an excellent benefits package of full Medical (BCBS), Vision, Dental and 403(b). It is a full time position, ideally based in Detroit. The ideal start date is December 1, 2019.


Please send the following to
  • Short introductory letter and a resume/CV
  • A short statement that highlights the three qualifications listed above that you feel most confident in and the three you feel most challenged by.
  • Evidence (flyers, video documentation, etc.) of at least two programs, events or gatherings you have successfully produced.
  • Contact information for three professional references.

Priority will be given to applications received by October 1st, 2019. Allied Media Projects is an Equal Opportunity Employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color, gender, gender identity, gender expression, age, ethnicity, national origin, immigration status, sexual orientation, religion, HIV serostatus, disability, height, weight, veteran status or marital status.

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