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Thank you for joining us at the 20th annual Allied Media Conference! Over four days and nights, participants made media, developed new organizing strategies, met up with new and old friends, and partied at nighttime events. Check out the photo albums from AMC2018, taken by Detroit-based photographer Ara Howrani of Howrani Studios.

Preview some of the candid photos and memorable moments from AMC2018 below, and browse all AMC2018 photos on the AMC Facebook page or Flickr.

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If you would like to use these photos for any reason, please attribute them to the photographer, Ara Howrani. The photographer’s name and usage instructions are listed in the description of each album.

If you are depicted in a photo and for any reason want the photo removed, please let us know at

Child holding a brown paper maks over their face
Overhead photo of people sitting in the floor on a circle around food that is arranged in a mosaic
Audience in auditorium
Person wearing a black jacket and holding a glass, looking at the person next to them with a bright smile
Photo from behind of two people sitting in a hammock, arms around each other
Photo of audience in a tiered-seating classroom, watching a session presentation
A group of 4 people talking and laughing outside
Person at outdoor AMC at night event, wearing a blue and green sequin dress and holding a large green umbrella with white and green streamers
Crowd in a small cement-brick room, three flags hanging on the back wall
Adrienne Marie Brown, with pink hair and wearing a floral dress, on stage speaking
Two people smiling, hands touching in front of them
See more photos on the AMC Facebook page or Flickr.

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