Reserve Your Housing Now for AMC2017

As we approach the 19th annual Allied Media Conference, June 15-18 in Detroit, it’s not too early to start thinking about your accommodation!

This year we do not have access to Wayne State University (WSU) dorms for housing. All participants will need to book their own off-campus housing independently. To assist you, we have compiled a list of hotel options, and community housing resources, to help you get started in your housing search. We suggest reserving your hotel accommodation as early as possible to secure a spot.

There will be shuttle service every 15-30 minutes from all listed hotels to and from daytime and AMC @ Night activities. We will also provide a relaxation room and nap room on campus, so you will have a place to chill even if your lodging is a little further away.

The AMC is committed to training/orienting all hotels listed below on best practices for our participants’ safety and comfort. Please contact each hotel directly to make accommodations and special requests. If you have questions or need additional assistance, contact us at

AMC Housing
Photo by Ara Howrani.

Hotels Now Available for Booking

St. Regis Hotel
3071 W Grand Blvd, Detroit, MI 48202
Distance from WSU: 1.1 miles (9 minute drive; 22 minute walk)
Cost per room: $75

AMC has blocked off the entire Hotel St. Regis Thursday, June 15th to Sunday June 18th. This hotel is good for all participants, with accessible rooms, a low deposit required and the closest distance to the conference activities.

How to Book

  • Call (313) 481-8409 and use the code "Allied Media Conference"
  • Book online through this link

Aloft Detroit
1 Park Ave, Detroit, MI 48226
Distance from WSU: 2.2 miles (11 minute drive; 44 minute walk)
Cost per room: $169

This hotel is good for participants who want to stay downtown, in the historic David Whitney Building. The Aloft features new rooms, lots of amenities and space to accommodate additional guests. It's location downtown places it in proximity to dozens of restaurants, bars, coffee shops, etc.

How to Book

  • Call 313-220-1981 and use the code "Allied Media Conference"
  • Book online through this link

Trumbull and Porter
1331 Trumbull Ave, Detroit, MI 48216
Distance from WSU: 2.5 miles (9 minute drive; 52 minute walk)
Cost per room: $99 -109

This hotel has a mildly “hip" vibe – this is a good hotel for groups and individuals. With no built-in food option, this may not be the best place for families.

How to Book

  • Call 313-496-1400, select 0 for the operator and use the code "Allied Media Projects"
  • Book online through this link

Community Housing

For an alternative to the hotel options listed above, you can find community housing on the AMC2017 Housing and Rideshare Facebook Group. Join this group to search for and share your couch-surfing offers and rental availabilities for the week of Allied Media Conference.

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