Detroit Artists for Accountable Development: Vote Yes on A, No on B

On November 8th Detroit voters will be presented with two proposals regarding community benefits agreements: Proposal A and Proposal B. AMP invites you to sign this petition, presented by Detroit Artists for Accountable Development, that shares why Detroit voters and especially Detroit artists should support Proposal A.

Learn more about why Detroit needs a Community Benefits Ordinance in the video below.

Detroit Artists for Accountable Development encourage you to support Proposal A for the following reasons:

  • Because we need new approaches to development.
  • Because we know and trust our communities.
  • Because a CBA can be a work of art.
  • Because Detroit is valuable.

Read more and sign the petition.

This petition was authored by a local coalition of artists and arts organizations, including:

  • Allied Media Projects
  • Complex Movements
  • Light Box
  • Live Coal Gallery
  • Marsha Philpot / Music
  • Oakland Avenue Artists Coalition
  • Sidewalk Detroit
  • Soh Suzuki
  • The Aadizookaan

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