Welcome to the 18th annual Allied Media Conference!

As we welcome our many communities from across the continent (and seas!) to Detroit this weekend, we are holding immense joy and sadness simultaneously. We are thrilled to reunite this beautiful network of media-based organizers who give us so much hope and inspiration. At the same time, we know that many are coming into this weekend carrying deep grief over the recent Orlando shootings and the one year anniversary of the Charleston shootings. In this difficult time, we must hold each other close as we continue working for the more just and creative world that we so desperately need and deserve.

We are grateful to the Creative Coping and Grieving Arts Practice Space, which was designed to practice, share and honor our experiences living through grief, loss and trauma. Throughout the weekend, they will be offering a Restoration Room for healing, grieving, reflecting, prayer and respite.

Additionally, we will be holding a Healing Circle for Orlando on Saturday 6/18 from 12:30 - 1:00pm at the North entrance to McGregor Conference Center.

The AMC is Shapeshifting

As the conference continues to grow, we’ve designed new shapes and spaces to hold that growth, while fostering more of the intimacy and accessibility that makes the AMC special.

amc program matrix

We’ve shifted the AMC center of gravity from McGregor Memorial Conference Center to the newly-renovated Wayne State Student Center. The spacious lounge areas and new ballroom on the second floor give us a much more comfortable registration area and an expanded exhibition table area the ballroom.

As you check in at the conference registration table you will notice that the AMC program book has morphed from a “catalogue” shape to a more interactive “workbook” format. It is made for you to write in, so bring a pen with you. We hope this new format makes the vast array of conference content more approachable this year.

Last year we officially outgrew the Community Arts Auditorium, where we’ve held the AMC Opening Ceremony for the past nine years. This year, through a partnership with the Detroit Institute of Arts, we will relocate the Opening Ceremony to the gold leaf bedazzled, 1,200-seat Detroit Film Theater, housed inside the museum on Woodward Ave. After the Opening Ceremony, the Detroit Institute of Arts will stay open until 10PM and free admission if offered to AMC badge holders.

Is this your first year at the AMC? If so, check out the “Homeroom” sessions taking place in the first session block on Friday, Saturday and Sunday mornings. Homeroom will be hosted by returning AMCers who are happy to help orient you to the AMC and best practices for navigating yourself through the conference. And don’t miss our list of “10 Things to Know as an AMC First Timer.”

What are you doing for dinner? Join other AMCers for affordable, delicious and locally sourced food at one of many community dinners we are holding this year. These intimate evening gatherings will take place on Friday and Saturday nights at the Cass Corridor Commons.

The AMC has always been a world in which many worlds fit. This year we are experimenting with hosting an official conference within the conference, through our partnership with the Contemporary Interactive Women in Hip Hop Conference. All of their sessions and activities, held within the AMC, will be open to AMC participants and vice versa.

We are excited to see the evolution of workshops from last year into tracks (series of multiple workshops) this year, like the “Black Death Mixtape” session, which has expanded into the “Black Survival Mixtape” track. And we love the return of tracks and network gatherings focused on important topics such as climate resilience and education.

Dive deep and explore widely the sea of AMC sessions: after picking up crucial data encryption skills at the “Crypto Party” workshop, why not bring your little one to the “Cumbia Poder KIDS PARTY!” baby day rave? Learn about community resilience through growing food from “Detroit Black Women Farmers” and apply what you learned in “A World of Q”, a collaborative sci-fi filmmaking workshop.

Throughout everything you do at the AMC and beyond, take good care of yourself and others. Extend micro-compassions, embrace the unknown, and plant seeds for new ideas, skills, and relationships to grow.

With love,

Mo & Jenny

Morgan Willis and Jenny Lee
Jenny Lee, AMP Executive Director, and Morgan Willis, AMC Program Director, presenting at the AMC2015
Opening Ceremony.

Register for the AMC

If you have not yet done so, now is the time! Walk-up registrations are welcomed at the AMC, but your check-in at the conference will be much faster if you have pre-registered online. Click on the link below to get started.

See you at AMC2016!


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