Announcing AMC2016 Delegations

We are excited to announce 13 “Delegations” to this year’s Allied Media Conference!

Delegations are groups who collectively fundraise to get to the conference, attend sessions together during the conference, and reflect on the conference as a group after it’s over. Delegations share something important in common such as identity, practice, issue area, or geography. The AMC provides delegations with mini-grants to seed their fundraising efforts.

This year we have delegations from London, New York, Little Rock, Pittsburgh and more! After the AMC, we will publish stories from the delegations sharing their experience at the conference.

Photo by Ara Howrani

AMC2016 Delegations

CWHC Health Educators (Chicago, IL)

Chicago Women's Health Center is a feminist health collective, born out of the feminist health movement. CWHC has been providing educational programming to the Chicago community since 1988. Our educational programs use a harm-reduction model to promote healthy choices and focus on providing accurate, accessible, sexual health information. At the AMC, we hope to learn about other organizations' and movements' practices of centering youth and youth voices in educational programming, but also how to weave youth-driven Reproductive Justice content into our work in Chicago!

Voices That Shake! (London, UK)

Voices that Shake! is an intergenerational people-of-color collective of artists, activists and community organizers from London, UK. At the AMC we will learn from allies and deepen collaborations and relationships with folks internationally in fighting oppression. After the AMC we will present skillshares locally to build more unity in our movements and create shared practices and values that center the leadership of marginalised groups.

Circles & Ciphers (Chicago, IL)

Circles & Ciphers is a Chicago based restorative justice organization led by young people who are prison, court, DCFS, and gang- involved. We fuse restorative justice practices and principles with hip-hop arts and culture to transform legacies of violence, incarceration, and disengagement. Media is a primary tool with which we understand ourselves, others, and the path to liberation. At the AMC youth leaders will travel, learn, and form new, healthy relationships. We will share the work we do around Hip-Hop Peace Circles and how they can serve as a decolonial practice.

Iraqi Transnational Collective (NY / Iraq)

The Iraqi Transnational Collective is a grassroots collective of transnational Iraqis who build community power for political, social and economic justice. Our collective has members from over 25 localities worldwide and 10 locations across the US. We work on multiple projects, many of which are media-based awareness campaigns on online platforms. At the AMC we will enhance our media presence and skills, as well as connect with our dispersed collective and other organizations and individuals to build movements and relationships.

Creating Artistic Media (CAM) by VAYLA (New Orleans, LA)

VAYLA is a progressive, multi-racial community-based organization in New Orleans that empowers youth and families through supportive services and organizing for cultural enrichment and positive social change. VAYLA's Media Team consists of young people learning to use media to create change within our community through education and health. VAYLA is committed to youth development, community empowerment, higher education, and cultural awareness. At the AMC we will learn and network with other young people around the country for new practices, connections, and skill sharing.

Bloomington Queer Youth Delegation (Bloomington, IN)

The Bloomington Queer Youth Delegation is made up of queer youth and adult supporters who create safe and affirming spaces for LGBTQ+ individuals through youth-led training initiatives. At the AMC we will learn new and creative ways to use our voices to reach a broader and more diverse audience.

United Melanin Society + Just Resisting (Buffalo, NY)

The United Melanin Society (UMS) showcases and celebrates artists of color in Buffalo, NY through parties, gallery showings, music revues, film screenings and design markets. Just Resisting (JR) is a group of people of color in Buffalo, NY who caucus monthly to address how systemic oppression shows up internally and how to dismantle oppressive systems for liberation.

SPNN Youth Delegation (Minneapolis, MN)

The Saint Paul Neighborhood Network (SPNN) Youth Delegation is comprised of staff, youth, and alumni from SPNN Youth Programs. We are committed to visibility of youth issues, youth leadership, access to community media, and social change through media. We are bringing a multi-age group of young people to the AMC who will fundraise, lead a workshop, and create media as part of their AMC experience. This is our third year bringing youth to the Allied Media Conference!

TUFF 1HOOD (Pittsburgh, PA)

The collaboration between TUFF (Turn Up For Freedom) and 1Hood Media at the AMC celebrates the oneness of youth-centered, youth-led organizations and the importance of uplifting their voices, while teaching others to do the same through the process. At the AMC, we will learn how we can better confront ageism and the dynamics of our communities, and develop strategies for creating more inter-generational spaces and youth-led, youth-centered spaces for all people.

Little Rock Freedom Fighters (Little Rock, AK)

Little Rock Freedom Fighters are a multi-generational, multi-racial, multi-gender delegation of folks coming from or with ties to Little Rock, Arkansas. We collaborate on building the solidarity economy and fighting oppression in its various forms in our communities. At the AMC our delegation plans to build relationships, trade skills and insights, and develop a shared analysis through our experience to inform and support our ongoing work connecting urban and rural communities in central Arkansas.

SistahSpeak! Youth Project (Pittsburgh, PA)

SistahSpeak! is a delegation of black women femmes and girls who are actively fighting for reproductive justice in Pittsburgh, PA. Sistah! Speak Youth Project is a safe space for healing, learning, and organizing for black women and girls in the Pittsburgh area. We are students, mothers, wives, workers, activists, and artists. At the AMC we will gain new perspectives, expand our network and challenge ourselves.

For the People CHI (Chicago, IL)

For the People CHI are artists, media-makers, and organizers from the Chicago area. Most of us belong to For The People Artists Collective, which has been supporting organizing around the movement for Black lives in Chicago, and Brown & Proud Press, a zine collective. At the AMC we will network with other folks from around the country who are using art and media to organize for liberation with an abolitionist framework. We currently support the work of local grassroots organizations such as Assata's Daughters, BYP100, We Charge Genocide, Project NIA, Black Lives Matter Chicago, and Organized Communities Against Deportations (OCAD).

BOOM Concepts (Pittsburgh, PA)

BOOM Concepts is a movement of activists, educators, artists, and learners that are working in the Pittsburgh region in resistance to the homogenization of culture, development and education. Our delegation will be composed of both creative entrepreneurs and activists working out of BOOM Concepts, a creative hub and gallery space. We will represent neighborhood organizing work, education, and arts and cultural workers from at least five different organizations/neighborhoods. At the AMC we will use the hashtag #pghAMC to do live reporting and create a living record of the multiple strategies we employ at home and those that we are learning and sharing with others at the conference.

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