AMC2016: All the Sessions!

The 18th annual Allied Media Conference is just a few weeks away! We are excited to share the online schedule featuring 300+ sessions that will take place over the four days and five nights of the conference. Starting on Wednesday June 15th with the AMC kickoff party at Marble Bar, and continuing through the day and night of Sunday, June 19th, AMC2016 is packed with hands-on workshops, meetups, film screenings and performances, panels, strategy sessions, tours and nighttime events.

From sessions that explore podcasting, remixing videos, innovative practices for self-care and healing, to panel discussions about black digital activism and worker owned co-ops, and mealtime meetups for radical librarians and caregivers, there is something for everyone!

Never been to the AMC before? Check out an “AMC2016: Homeroom” session taking place Friday - Sunday and hosted by the AMC2016 Advisory Board.

AMC @ Night is back with incredible live music performances, karaoke and bowling, dance parties, cabaret, networking events, community dinners and more.

Get off-campus and explore the city with tours that will introduce participants to visionary organizing and grassroots initiatives in Detroit focused on green infrastructure, holistic healing, music history and more.

View all AMC2016 Sessions

On our online schedule you can filter the 300+ sessions according to session type, track, practice space, location or day and time – just click on the color coded session types in the right column of the schedule. You can also create an AMC attendee profile, bookmark sessions and create your own custom schedule which you can access on your mobile phone.

Browse AMC Sessions Online

What sessions are you most excited about? Tell us on Twitter and Facebook and use the hashtag #AMC2016.

Download the AMC2016 Program Book

You can now view and download a pdf of the AMC2016 program book. This year the program book has shifted from a “catalogue” shape to a more interactive “workbook” format, with more room for participants to take notes and plan out your daily schedule. We hope this makes the vast array of conference content more approachable this year.

In the program book you will find everything you need to know about the 18th annual Allied Media Conference, including all the session descriptions and presenter listings, safety and accessibility information, maps and more.

Thanks to our partners at the The Work Department for the smart design work on all of the AMC2016 graphics as well as supporting our systems for collecting, reviewing, and managing all of the conference content.

Click on the image below to download the program book ppdf.

amc program book preview

Register Now

If you have not yet done so, now is the time! Walk-up registrations are welcomed at the AMC, but your check-in at the conference will be much faster if you have pre-registered online. Click on the link below to get started.

See you at AMC2016!


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