Read Our Newly Updated AMC Zines for 2016

Introducing the 2016 editions of the Allied Media Conference’s How We Organize the AMC zine and Presenter Guidelines zines. These publications show how this uniquely participant-designed conference is created each year, presenting strategies, tips, and the evolving lessons learned through our 18 years of organizing the AMC. Both zines have been updated with new content and fresh designs for 2016.

In these zines, learn about our decentralized organizing process, where as many as 100 volunteer coordinators of “tracks,” “practice spaces” and “network gatherings” develop content and recruit participants for the AMC each year. Learn about the iterative organizing process built on deep listening and reflection which allows the AMC to stay relevant from one year to the next in the dynamic worlds of art, media, technology and social movement building.

Both zines are available in the AMP Store. For a limited time we are offering a bundle packet of the two zines plus an AMP lapel pin for only $10.

Read on to learn more about our new zines.

How We Organize the AMC zine, 2016 edition

The Allied Media Conference began as the Midwest Zine Conference in 1999 and is now in its 18th year, with more than 2,500 participants and growing. The How We Organize zine was first introduced in 2013 to tell the unique story of the conference’s participatory organizing process.

This zine showcases how the AMC is organized through “tracks, practice spaces, and network gatherings” and includes practical tips, best practices, and informative diagrams on the conference organizing cycle. The 2016 edition of the zine features more information geared towards network gathering coordinators, an overview of the AMC Advisory Board and its role in the organizing process, and how we support each coordinating team's fundraising efforts.


AMC Presenter Guidelines mini-zine 2016 Edition

The AMC Presenter Guidelines mini-zine offers 9 tips for presenters of Allied Media Conference sessions. Our first goal in making this mini-zine was to make the role of the session presenter clear for both old-school AMCers and new presenters. Our second goal was to ensure the sustainability of this model – with ideas applicable not only for presenters at the AMC, but at other conferences and events as well.

The Presenter Guidelines mini-zine 2016 edition aggregates best practices that we've documented over the last several years through formal surveys and evaluations, and through many conversations with AMC participants and presenters. The mini-zine includes tips on leading sessions that are accessible, safe, articulately presented, and full of exceptional content – visionary sessions that model the world in which we want to live.


Thanks to our friends at the The Work Department for the design of both zines.

We invite you to share and adapt the practices presented in these zines for your own events! If you do adopt one of our practices, please make sure to let us know and to attribute their origination to the Allied Media Conference.

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