The Sessions We Are Seeking for AMC2016

Thinking about proposing a session for the Allied Media Conference? Here’s what AMCers are looking for.

Over the last few months we conducted an online survey seeking your “Ideas for AMC2016”. We asked you, our growing Allied Media network, to share some of the things you are most interested in experiencing at AMC2016 and what are some of the big questions that you want to see addressed at the conference. Read on to learn what kinds of sessions AMCers are looking for at the upcoming conference. Can you present one of these? Click here to submit your proposal.

Every year, we aim to collaboratively design an AMC that can directly speak to the work and needs of our community. We are very grateful to the 160 people who generously contributed their ideas in our recent survey. In the survey, we asked what skills, essential questions, media-making techniques, and conversations you would like to explore at AMC2016. After reading through the responses, we compiled some major themes and highlights from your responses. Check them out below.

The deadline to propose a session is Friday, March 11 at midnight PST.

preamc survey

Results from the Pre-AMC2016 Survey

Types of media you are most excited to experience or learn about at AMC2016:

  • Transmedia or multiplatform storytelling
  • Live streaming platforms like Periscope
  • Podcasts, audio editing, sound production, and live music-making
  • Media projects led by QTPOC, youth, or elders
  • Hip-hop and spoken word
  • Mesh networking and affordable online access
  • Graphics and animations
  • Theatre and performance for activism and resistance and social change
  • Poster design, visual art and graphic design
  • Textiles, jewelry-making, weaving, quilting, printmaking and linocuts
  • Oral history
  • Soft circuitry building
  • Low-budget audio/video production
  • Creative writing, grantwriting, visionary writing, poetics, journalism, blogging
  • Films, documentaries, web series, shorts, experimental clips

Here is what you identified as the most pressing questions or issues that you would like to explore at the AMC:

  • Intergenerational trauma, state violence, broken education systems and environmental disasters
  • Access to funding
  • Islamophobia, and specifically gendered Islamophobia
  • The co-optation of grassroots movements
  • Violence against QTPOC communities
  • Anti-Blackness within social justice organizing and nonprofit spaces
  • Creating systems of cooperative economics
  • Water rights and access
  • Building solidarity between movements and people
  • Thinking of issues through a “reproductive justice” lens
  • Healthy food access and food justice, connecting food-to-media-to-community
  • Disempowerment through state violence
  • How to use technology to support disenfranchised communities
  • Housing justice and land sovereignty

Here are some of the skills that you said you are hoping to acquire or share at AMC2016:

  • Facilitation skills
  • Authentic networking and relationship building
  • How to support healing and trauma
  • Planning direct actions
  • Understanding anti-oppression frameworks
  • How to create media for those whose first language is not English
  • Creating toolkits for sharing skills
  • Writing about intersectionality within social justice organizing movements
  • How to use design as a catalyst for social change
  • Creating participatory public art installations
  • How to avoid organizer burnout
  • Science fiction as strategic planning
  • Analog and digital archiving
  • Reaching our communities and audiences using social media

At the heart of all of these conversations is the practice of “media-based organizing” – a process of speaking and listening as a community to create change. We hope these ideas get you inspired to propose a session for AMC2016!

Have questions? There is one more AMC info call happening on Friday, March 11th for those interested in proposing a session. Call (712) 432-1212 and enter the meeting ID: 979-957-679.

You can also email anytime for support.

See you in June!

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