Propose a “Mobile Cart Community Project” in Hamtramck

Popps Packing is excited to launch NOMAD, a mobile cart community project that highlights and mobilizes local producers, artists and makers so they can easily showcase, share, sell, perform or exhibit their work in public spaces. Popps Packing is a neighborhood arts organization located in Hamtramck, Michigan that promotes contemporary art explorations, cultural exchanges and neighborly good will through residencies, workshops, exhibitions and community events that blur the boundaries between artist, entrepreneur, and resident.

NOMAD is a project initiated by Popps Packing as part of the Carpenter Exchange, a collaborative effort of four arts organizations partnering to highlight, activate, strengthen and inspire existing cultural centers, artists, and businesses along Carpenter St. in Hamtramck. Carpenter Exchange projects include the Porous Borders Festival, the Teen Girl Video Project, Outdoor Summer Series, and Popps Emporium.

popps packing
Last year's NOMAD Caravan event (previously known as the "Barter Bazaar") in Hamtramck

Nomad Request for Proposals

Popps Packing invites artists, residents, makers, entrepreneurs and creative collectives from Metro Detroit to send in proposals for functional mobile carts for the neighborhood. Do you have a community garden and need a cart to take your produce to the various farmers markets around town? Or maybe you want to build a cart that can help you collect oral histories and share stories with your community? Think about what you want to share with the community and how to mobilize it! Draw a sketch, make a physical model or design a fancy computer rendering and pitch the project to us. The deadline to apply is April 1st, 2016.

Some examples of mobile cart projects might include:

  • sewing/mending station
  • mobile music listening station
  • DIY craft cart
  • bicycle sauna trailer
  • mobile living room
  • vegetable/herb plant exchange cart
  • mobile bike repair unit
  • advice/storytelling exchange cart
  • tea time cart
  • bike camping trailer
  • taco sled
  • and more!

NOMAD will support the creation of 6 projects, host 2 workshops to assist in the build out of your cart and showcase all projects during the NOMAD Caravan on July 16, 2016 on the corner of Carpenter and St. Aubin on the Hamtramck/Detroit border. NOMAD Caravan is a creative swap event that explores alternative economies and builds our community’s resource and skill sharing power.

Awards for mobile cart projects will be provided in the following categories:

  1. Three ‘personal’ carts to be owned and utilized by the creator/s. You own it, you store it, you take it out whenever you want. Chosen ‘personal’ projects will each receive a $500 stipend to support the creation of the cart.
  2. Three ‘communal’ carts. These projects will live on the Popps Packing compound, become part of the upcoming Popps Tool Lending Library, and will be used for future NOMAD caravan events. Popps owns it, but you, or your friends, or other fine neighborhood folks can use it. Chosen ‘communal’ projects will each receive a $1000 stipend to support the creation of the cart.

For more details about the project and how to apply go to: Like us on Facebook to stay up to date and to share this opportunity with anyone who may be interested.

Faina Lerman is a painter, performance artist, and co-founder of Popps Packing.
Carpenter Exchange is a sponsored project of Allied Media Projects. To make a tax-deductible contribution to support the initiative's cultural exchange programming, click the link below.


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