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The 18th annual Allied Media Conference will mark 10 years of the conference being held annually in Detroit. Since we moved to Detroit in 2007, the AMC has grown from roughly 600 attendees to over 2,500 in 2015. In that time we have grown and deepened our connection to Detroit, whose resiliency in the face of challenges and rich culture of media arts and activism, have inspired our work over the years. We can’t wait to see what the next 10 years of creation, connection, and transformation will bring!

Whether you are returning for your tenth AMC or attending your very first, we invite you to join us this summer, June 16-19, for a conference that will offer 300+ hands-on workshops, panel discussions, strategy sessions, film screenings, tours, art and music events, karaoke, bowling, collaborative art and more!

AMC2016 will be made up of 19 different tracks and practice spaces, including new tracks such as “Performance from the Stage to the Street” and “Black Survival Mixtape” to returning favorites such as “Really Rad Radio & Video Practice Space” and the “Radical Librarianship Track.” This year there are also 9 network gatherings which take place on Thursday, June 19th. All of the AMC2016 tracks, practice spaces, and network gatherings build upon the common theme of media-based organizing.

Check out our video playlist about the AMC to see what it’s all about!

The Early Unicorn Catches the Rainbow!

The AMC offers a sliding scale registration rate of $75 - $500 so that the conference can be accessible to as many people as possible. Please support the AMC by giving as generously as possible with your registration contribution. The true expense of the AMC is $150 per person and we will consider the registration contribution you make in excess of $150 as a tax-deductible gift to Allied Media Projects.

We greatly appreciate all of the generous participants who support the AMC by registering early! If you register before April 1st April 15th at the $150 rate or higher we will send you a brand new AMP logo water bottle as our gift of appreciation.

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This sleek, matte black modern canteen holds both hot and cold beverages, and maintains the beverage’s temperature for 12 hours. Stay hydrated in style at AMC2016!

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