New Video: “What is Media-based Organizing?”

“Media-based organizing” is the thread that weaves together all of our work at Allied Media Projects, including the Allied Media Conference and AMP’s network of sponsored projects. Over the past 18 years of our work at AMP, we have been continuously learning about media-based organizing. We have come to define “media-based organizing” as any collaborative process that uses art, media, or technology to address the roots of problems and advances holistic solutions towards a more just and creative world. Media-based organizing changes our relationship to media – we transform from consumers to producers.

This past fall Morgan Willis, program director of the AMC, wrote a reflection on media-based organizing as the overarching theme of conference. She wrote, “When we examine our roles at the AMC through the lens of media-based organizing, we commit to producing holistic, dynamic answers to the most pressing questions in our lives as media-makers.”

When we say “media” we mean all the ways we communicate with one another and the world.

When we say “organizing” we mean the ways we come together to transform the problems that we face. Throwing parties that let us heal, creating alternatives to police by keeping each other safe, using theatre to explore social issues – it is all organizing.

To share and build these ideas, we created a video to answer the question: “What is Media-based Organizing?” Check it out!

What does media-based organizing mean to you? We welcome your questions, ideas and resources that help us build our understanding of this concept. Let us know.

We started a page on our website to begin sharing ideas and resources about media-based organizing. Check it out here.

Inspired and want to explore media-based organizing at the AMC this summer? Register now or propose a session!

The “What is Media-based Organizing?” video was created in partnership with Cass Corridor Films.

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