Bring Octavia’s Brood to your community or campus – readings, workshops, and trainings now available

Did you arrive at the last page of Octavia’s Brood and find yourself wanting more? Octavia’s Brood co-editors adrienne maree brown and Walidah Imarisha, as well as the writers who contributed stories, are touring with readings, presentations, sci-fi fiction and sci-fi poetry workshops, emergent strategy trainings, sci-fi direct action trainings, and more!

Allied Media Projects is coordinating bookings for the Octavia’s Brood authors and trainers. Contact us to book Octavia’s Brood for your campus or community! Read on to learn more.

The “Visionary Fiction” of Octavia’s Brood

Released in the spring of 2015, Octavia’s Brood: Science Fiction Stories from Social Justice Movements is a genre-defying anthology of speculative/science fiction written by organizers and activists. The anthology explores the connections between radical science fiction and movements for social change. As the co-editors write in the introduction, “All organizing is science fiction.”

The co-editors call their work “visionary fiction.” Visionary fiction pulls from real life experience, social inequalities and movement building to create innovative ways of understanding the world around us; challenging existing power structures, and helping us envision and then build new worlds into being. Visionary science fiction engages imaginations and hearts, in recognition that all social change organizing imagines a world we haven’t yet experienced.

In reviewing Octavia’s Brood, VUE Weekly comments, “At its best, the stories illuminate our humanity and continued capacity for change. The most powerful stories focus on the small but potent act of imagining a future for a marginalized voice within a present that barely hears it.”

Octavia's Brood at AMC2014. Photo by Ara Howrani.

Now Booking

We are now booking for Octavia’s Brood for Fall 2015 and into 2016. Anthology editors adrienne maree brown and Walidah Imarisha, as well as their contributing authors, are now available for:

  • Readings and book signings
  • Presentations
  • Collective sci-fi writing and sci-fi poetry workshops
  • Emergent strategy trainings
  • Sci-fi and direct action trainings
  • The “2070 People's Encyclopedia Zine” workshop
  • sci-fi themed dance parties!
  • and more!!

Read the full descriptions for these offerings.

Since the release of the Octavia’s Brood anthology in the Spring of 2015, co-editors adrienne maree brown and Walidah Imarisha have been engaging diverse audiences through book signings, readings, presentations, panel discussions, and workshops across the country and internationally. Throughout 2015 they have brought Octavia’s Brood to events such as “Pop-Up On the Plaza” at the Seattle Public Library, the BALLE Conference in Phoenix, Reverb in Vancouver, Oregon Humanities “Think & Drink Series” in Portland, “Black Brilliance” and “Black to the Future” at the Design Studio for Social Intervention in Roxbury, the Afrofuturism Conference at the New School in New York City, the In/Out Art Symposium in Philadelphia, the World Sci Fi Convention, and, of course, the Allied Media Conference in Detroit. You can review the 2015 fall event line-up here.

Please contact us here to book Octavia’s Brood.

Why book Octavia’s Brood?

  • Meet Octavia’s Brood co-editors adrienne maree brown and Walidah Imarisha and the writers who wrote your favorite stories! (Learn more about Walidah and adrienne here.)
  • Learn about the intersection of sci-fi writing, social justice activism and movement facilitation.
  • Explore the history of science fiction and social change.
  • Gain tools for using science fiction as a practice ground for social justice strategizing and vision.
  • Learn how to use science fiction to strengthen your imagination and think beyond competition, beyond binaries, beyond linear terms, and beyond short-term outcomes.
  • Apply principles of emergent strategy such as adaptation, interdependence, transformative justice and decentralization to your social change organizing work.
  • Explore the power of visionary art as new forms of emotional expression and knowledge sharing.
  • Use sci-fi strategies to develop direct action campaigns that model the future world that we are fighting for.
  • Explore current issues and events from a future perspective as a way of imagining how the world today can lead to the world we want.

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