10 Reasons Why AMC2015 Will be the Best AMC Ever

Every year we promise to bring you the best AMC ever, and this year is no exception. From an expanded music showcase to more film screenings and Detroit tours, this year’s AMC is packed to the brim with the most dynamic and diverse programming ever. Ever!

  1. More sessions than ever before. We received the most session proposals ever this year (557 to be exact). And we have worked hard to present as many excellent sessions as possible. This year there are 100 more sessions than last year: nearly 300 total. That means there’s something for just about everyone at AMC2015!
  2. Groundbreaking content. The AMC is organized through thematic focus areas called tracks, practice spaces and network gatherings. This year includes the Femme4Femme track, Wage Love Detroit Action Space, Creative Coping and Grieving Arts track, the Black Lives Matter national network gathering, and many others working at the leading edge of social change.
  3. AMC + Sundance! We are excited to partner with the Sundance Institute to present filmmaking workshops and documentary screenings throughout the conference. Workshops are geared towards Detroit filmmakers and include presentations and panel discussions with a wide range of local and national artists. Films that will be screened include "The Internet's Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz" and "We Are The Giant."
  4. AMC Collage 

  5. Octavia’s Brood brings together writers and readers of radical science and speculative fiction. The newly released and critically acclaimed Octavia’s Brood anthology grew from humble roots at the AMC, where organizers adrienne maree brown and Walidah Imarisha cultivated the project and developed new concepts of visionary fiction. Come celebrate the book’s release on AK Press and meet featured authors at the dinner and book signing Saturday evening at the Cass Commons.
  6. Thursday is the new Friday. In year’s past, the AMC officially kicked off on Friday, but this year we’ll have more programming on Thursday, June 18, including a Healing Justice Practice Space skillshare, workshops and film screenings, panel discussions throughout the day in the Community Arts Auditorium, and last but not least, the AMC Open Mic hosted by Miz Korona.
  7. More opportunities to make friends on the dance floor! This year we are debuting AMC @ Night, a five day music showcase sponsored by the Knight Arts Challenge. Multiple performances and events will take place at different venues every night including an open mic, karaoke and bowling, local DJs and more. Don’t miss headlining acts on Saturday night including THEESatisfaction, Las Cafeteras, Passalacqua, Stacey “Hotwaxx” Hale, and Monty Luke.
  8. Engage with the amazing on-the-ground work happening in Detroit’s neighborhoods. Journey into Detroit’s varied musical histories, volunteer at one of the largest collectively run farms in the city, explore the rise and fall of the economic American Dream in Detroit and learn about grassroots community development, art and collaborative design in Southwest Detroit.
  9. Committed to accessibility. At the Allied Media Conference “accessibility” is not a concept – it is an investment and an action. Accessibility means the opportunity for every participant to be able to engage with the spaces, places and events of the weekend. Read about the resources that we have to offer.
  10. Kid and youth friendly! You don’t have to leave your kids behind to participate in the AMC. The AMC is all about providing fun and enriching spaces and activities for children and young adults. This year there is AMChildcare, the Youth Creating Worlds Track, the Intergalactic Intergenerational Justice Practice Space and the Get Yr Rights Network Gathering, all devoted to youth media-making and organizing.
  11. The beautiful people. Get ready to step-out on the purple carpet of the McGregor Conference Center! AMCers are creative, colorful, and intensely attractive unicorns. We can’t wait to see you – and meet you!!

fabulous unicorn

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