Allied Media Conference: Create / Connect / Transform (VIDEO)

What is the AMC?

"Allied Media Conference: Create / Connect / Transform" is our new video offering an answer to that question. It features footage shot at AMC2014 and interviews with conference organizers and participants.

The AMC is...

"different from any other conference"

"a collaborative work experience"

"a geeky diverse expressive arts conference"

"the most crucial visionary space for media-based organizing and cultural work across many movements"

"an organizing space that is used to create really important policy change on media and technology"

Watch this video and learn more!

Director: Cass Corridor Films
Soundtrack: "Timeline" by Underground Resistance

The AMC is a year-round organizing process. Help us continue building and organizing towards next year by becoming a sustainer.

Save the date for the next AMC: June 18 - 21, 2015

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