Download the AMC2014 Program Book

The program book of the 16th annual Allied Media Conference is the largest ever. At 196 pages, the AMC program book presents the more than 200 sessions, meet-ups, activities, and special events of AMC2014 – all entry-points to the universe of media-based organizing.

At the AMC, we define "media-based organizing" as the use of media, art, or technology to advance a more just, creative, and collaborative world.

At the AMC will find hands-on workshops on everything from data encryption technologies to gender non-conforming fashion, from data visualization to Detroit dance traditions.

You will find strategy sessions and panels that weave new connections between movements for social change, while asking critical questions about how we "move" and what we’re moving towards.

At night you will find some of the best dance parties of your life. Chill time with new friends, or simply getting some rest, are also great options!

If you feel daunted by the task of choosing between 10, or 12, or 16 intriguing sessions all happening at once, you can turn to the "Tracks" and "Ongoing" sections of the program book. These lighted paths of content can help you navigate the wilds of the AMC by pointing you to the sessions or activities that might align best with your interests.

Of course it is always advisable to go off the path – don’t just stick to the places that seem most comfortable! Seek out the unfamiliar at the AMC and keep an open heart and mind. You
will most likely be delighted.

Be sure to travel between practice, theory, and play. Take good care of yourself and others. Enjoy AMC2014!


The AMC is collaboratively created by hundreds of session presenters and coordinators of Tracks, Network Gatherings, and Practice Spaces. Click the image below to download the pdf AMC2014 program (196 pages / 4.2MB):


You can also explore the AMC through the AMC2014 session browser, hosted on the AMPtalk website, where you can sort AMC sessions by content, place, and day/time. Chart your path through the AMC by clicking the little hearts to bookmark sessions you want to attend. On session discussion pages you can contribute to documentation of the AMC through live-tweeting, commenting, and note-taking with Etherpad.

Click on the image below to get started.

If you find a session you like, share it with a friend. Help us spread the word about the AMC.

Thanks to The Work Department for design and development of the program book and session browser.

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