AMC Presenter Guidelines

The AMC is a uniquely designed conference that relies upon the collective brilliance of it's network to build the content of the annual event, and to continuously evolve the way in which the AMC is organized. Last year, we created the How We Organize the AMC zine, which focused on the process behind the production of the Tracks, Practice Spaces, and Network Gatherings of the AMC.

Our new AMC Presenter Guidelines mini-zine builds upon this by offering 10 tips for presenters of Allied Media Conference sessions.

This week over 200 session presenters will participate in a webinar to review and discuss the new Presenter Guidelines mini-zine. We will also print copies of the mini-zine to distribute to presenters at the AMC.

Our first goal in making this mini-zine was to make the role of the session presenter clear for both old-school AMCers and newbies. Our second goal was to ensure the sustainability of this model – with ideas applicable not only for presenters at the AMC, but at other conferences and events as well.

The Presenter Guidelines mini-zine aggregates best practices that we've documented over the last several years through formal surveys and evaluations, and through many conversations with AMC participants and presenters. The mini-zine includes tips on leading sessions that are accessible, safe, articulately presented, and full of exceptional content – visionary sessions that model the world in which we want to live.

Click the image below to download the Presenter Guidelines mini-zine.

Presenter Guidelines

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