Jenny Lee to present AMP principles at Council of Michigan Foundations - "Passing the Leadership Baton" (March 25)

Jenny Lee, Executive Director of Allied Media Projects, will present at the closing plenary of the "Passing the Leadership Baton" workshop presented by the Council of Michigan Foundations. Jenny will be presenting alongside Jenenne Whitfield of The Heidelberg Project.

The event is Tuesday, March 25, from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. at the McGregor Memorial Conference Center of Wayne State University in Detroit.

Here is the description of the workshop from the Council of Michigan Foundations:

Would you like to sit down with an experienced nonprofit or philanthropy executive? Interested in creating relationships that will lead to future opportunities? Are you working in the nonprofit sector or interested in changing fields?

If you answered yes to these questions, you should attend the Passing the Leadership Baton workshop! This workshop is designed to improve your knowledge of the nonprofit sector, help you build a trajectory that will take you to the C-suite and is intended for people who match one of the following criteria:

  • 40 and under
  • Currently working in the nonprofit field for five years or less or
  • Currently working in the government or for-profit sector but want to move to the philanthropic or nonprofit sectors
  • A person of color or part of an under-represented group in the field of philanthropy and the nonprofit sectors

$20.00 per person
A limited number of scholarships are available based on need. To find out more, contact Natosha Tallman, 313-566-2444 Ext. 218,

In her presentation, Jenny will offer some stories of "what's working" at AMP and some examples of principles that we have developed to guide our work. These principles could be helpful to people working in, or considering working in philanthropy.

Some of the AMP principles that Jenny will present are:

Begin by listening. We assume that wherever there's a problem, there is someone already working to address it in some fashion. The first step is to directly engage with communities to assess problems. Through that engagement, reveal the solutions to community problems that are already in motion from within the community, and then strategically deploy resources to advance these solutions.

Value critical connections, not just critical mass. When we prioritize critical connections as opposed to critical mass, the impacts are exponential and the outcomes are unforeseeable.

Address the roots of problems and seek holistic solutions. Addressing the roots takes more time, and doesn't necessarily produce instant wins. Make long-term commitments. There is a tendency these days to conflate a PR victory, a well placed article or a video that goes "viral" with real transformative change in the lives of our communities. Commit to real change and commit to evolving yourself, transforming yourself as you work to create positive transformation in the communities you serve.

Read more AMP Network Principles.

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