Comment on AMP's proposals to the Knight News Challenge

Allied Media Projects is involved in four proposals that have been submitted for consideration to the Knight News Challenge. The News Challenge called for ideas that answer the question "How can we strengthen the Internet for free expression and innovation?" We responded with project proposals on community-based technology education, data visualization, and participatory action research.

You can view our submissions on the open platform where you can comment and give "applause" to submissions you like. If we are invited by Knight to draft a full funding proposal, your comments and questions will assist in refinement of the proposal ideas.

Check out our submissions to the Knight News Challenge (click the title to view the full submission):

Bottom-up Apps for Local Area Networks. What if the strength of the web relied upon the strength of human connections?

"Bottom-up Apps for local area networks open up exciting opportunities because they rely on the hyper local production and management of data. Communities must come together in 3D to figure out how a local app can help solve a problem that they collectively face. When such local app development is combined with skilled community organizing, chances increase that a community will design an app that addresses the roots of a problem, rather than a surface-level manifestation of a problem. The community must also decide who owns the data and what purposes it will serve."

Watch This! Surveillance, Security, and Organizing

"Surveillance is nothing new; and neither is creative, resilient resistance to its impacts. 'Watch This!' is a thematic track at the 16th annual Allied Media Conference that will be curated to bridge the gaps between policy, technology, and social justice/human rights communities – all of which are involved in their own, often siloed conversations about surveillance."

"What’s math got to do it?" A data-driven storytelling tool for math teachers in Detroit and other urban areas.

"Detroit Future Schools is humanizing schooling in Detroit by engaging students in meaningful investigations of their communities. Our data-driven storytelling toolkit will provide teachers and students with online access to high-quality teaching resources. We will use data, research and digital media to impart core math competencies. By grounding abstract concepts in real world context, students will ask and address questions relevant to their own lives."

Visualizing the impact of critical connections

"Magical things happen when people from different places and spaces meet on common (virtual or physical) ground. We are building an interactive tool that will visually depict how these experiences generate critical connections and their resulting impact. It will map the members and happenings that take place within a network, describe how these nodes are connected, demonstrate areas of greater impact, show geographical distribution, track change over time, and incorporate qualitative narrative reflection. In essence, the tool will visualize what a community is doing and how it is working. ...

"We have all the underlying technology built for this tool, as well as a bare bones demo. Recently, we have partnered with Allied Media Projects to create our first full demo with the data from the Allied Media Conference. Currently we are working on analyzing the data and developing meaningful types of visualizations."

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