We're up to our eyeballs in awesome session proposals

AMC season is in full swing. Over the last month, thanks to the vision development and outreach of the coordinators of the AMC2014 tracks, practice spaces and network gatherings, we received 360 session proposals for this year’s conference. This is more proposals than ever before!

Our next step is session review. 80 reviewers will review, vote, and comment on sessions. Reviewers include AMP staff and board members, supporters of the AMC, and coordinators of the tracks, practices spaces, and network gatherings.

We expect to be able to present about 160 sessions at this year’s AMC. Reviewers will be looking for sessions that are accessible, imaginative, and that share media-based organizing strategies for a more just, creative, and collaborative world. Many sessions will be grouped into the AMC’s tracks and practice spaces, others will stand alone in their brilliance as part of the “General” track.

Read more about the diverse range of AMC tracks, network gatherings, and practice spaces.

Did you submit a session proposal? You’ll hear back by the first week of April.

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