Help AMP kick-in the new year right

Here are three ways to help keep Allied Media Projects going this Winter: Register, Sponsor, Sustain.

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Register for the AMC

AMC registration is now open.

You can show your support of the Allied Media Conference by registering today. Approximately 80% of AMC registration happens in the month of June, while 80% of the work of organizing the AMC happens between January and May. We need to make the flow of registration income look more like a graceful arc than a spike. You can support the AMC by registering now without purchasing your housing and parking (so you don’t have to know your exact arrival and departure dates before you register).

The cost of the AMC this year will be a sliding scale between $50 and $500. Any amount above $125 will be treated as a tax deductible donation to AMP. Wondering how much you should pay? Read more about the AMC's sliding scale registration.

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Sponsor the AMC

If love for the AMC was measured in dollars, we would never need a private foundation grant. We know that we can’t convert every ounce of love into dollars, but sponsorship is a way to convert some of it. We offer a range of sponsorship packages that fit your organization's budget and the benefits of being a sponsor range from large numbers of comp registrations, to program ad space, to up to 8 hours of consultation or training from AMP staff. Contact us to learn more.

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Become an AMP sustainer

This is the best way to show long-term love for AMP and the AMC. Monthly sustainer contributions help grow the Allied Media Conference and sustain our community programs in Detroit. You decide the amount: whether five cents or five hundred dollars – and you will be helping to ensure that AMP’s work flourishes in all seasons, not just around the time of the AMC, and not just when foundations decide to give us grants. Read more about why you should become a sustainer, or click here to sign-up.

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Keep us going and growing: Sign-up to be an AMP sustainer!


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