NOV 19: Online screening and live chat discussion of "Detropia"

On November 19, watch the full-length award winning documentary Detropia while simultaneously participating in a live online chat with activists and researchers, including Jeanette Lee of Allied Media Projects, discussing the film and related topics.

This online event is organized by the National Alliance for Media Arts & Culture and will focus on topics of Detroit leadership, fiscal policy, gentrification, and how local, grassroots artists and activists are imagining new possibilities for their city, and how their example might apply to other cities.

The screening begins at 9:00 p.m. CST, on Tuesday, November 19. Watch and join the live chat here.

The live chat will feature:

Aggie Ebrahimi Bazaz - Program and Communications Director, National Alliance for Media Arts and Culture (NAMAC)

Luisa Dantas - Director, Producer, Editor, Land of Opportunity

Jeanette Lee - Co-Director, Allied Media Projects

Jenenne Whitfield - Executive Director/ One & Only, The Detroit Heidelberg Project

Marquis Herring - Publicist & Radio Consultant, Radio & TV Broadcast Instructor, YouthVille Detroit

Oscar Zelaya - graduate student at Wayne State University. He lives in Southwest Detroit where he was raised and has worked as a community organizer and youth advocate. He is currently working on pre-production for his first feature film.

Dakarai Carter - Adult Coordinator for Detroit Summer

Moderated by Michon Boston, National Engagement Consultant, ITVS

About Detropia

Detroit was the birthplace of the middle class, an industrial utopia where anyone who worked hard enough could experience the 'American dream.' Today, Detroit is on the brink of bankruptcy. In the past 10 years this Midwestern icon has lost 25% of its population and 50% of its manufacturing jobs. City officials are in the midst of the most dramatic 'downsizing' of an American city ever seen - demolishing thousands of homes, reconsolidating massive tracts of excess land, cutting basic services and encouraging Detroiters in marginal neighborhoods to move. Detroiters who have stuck with the city are at the breaking point. Artists and curious outsiders flock to the city in search of inspiration and opportunity. Racial tension, globalization, lack of innovation and greed has led to a moment of truth for Detroit. How the Motor City reboots itself will set the example for countless other post-industrial cities with similar fates. And today the entire country is watching to see if this storied metropolishas the courage, creativity and grit to reinvent itself -- instead of implode.Detropia is a cinematic tapestry that chronicles the lives of several Detroiters trying to survive the D and make sense of what is happening to their city. An owner of a blues bar, a young blogger, an auto union rep, a group of young artists, an opera impresario and a gang of illegal 'scrappers' make up an unlikely chorus that illuminates the tale of both a city and a country in asoul-searching mood, desperate for a new identity.

Duration: 86min 29sec

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

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