Help create a free and accessible online digital archive of Clamor Magazine

Clamor Magazine existed as a movement publication from 1999 to 2006. For many activists, this was a formative period in our lives, including the Seattle WTO protests, September 11, and the Bush Administration. During this period, the founders of Clamor Magazine also launched the Allied Media Conference.

Clamor Magazine's content, produced by over 800 writers, photographers and artists, is now available online through a collaboration between founders Jen Angel and Jason Kucsma and the Internet Archive. With your help, they will build a new web portal that will serve as a loving home for the magazine as a community and historic record. Plus, after covering expenses, they will donate the money they receive for the project to AMP.

The campaign ends soon – on Friday, November 22 – so donate today before it is too late!

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