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We're back! Help build a dynamic AMC2014 by proposing a Track, Network Gathering, or Practice Space.

"Each year, AMC participants construct a vision for the world they want to inhabit through a months-long conference planning process. Then they use their time together in Detroit to experiment with the ideas and practices they think can get us there."YES Magazine

Are you a media-maker and/or a media-based organizer that creates, connects and transforms communities with your work? Join the organizing process for the 2014 Allied Media Conference by proposing a Track, Network Gathering, or Practice Space!

Here is a special video message about the call for TPSNG proposals from AMC Content Coordinator, Morgan Willis:

You can propose a Track, Network Gathering, or Practice Space with this form. Proposals are due November 12, 2013 at 8:00 p.m. EST.

The AMC’s focus is on media-based organizing: a collaborative process that uses media to bring about a more just, creative, and collaborative world. We see "media" as any tool or practice you use to communicate with the world.

The conference is organized into Tracks, Practice Spaces, and Network Gatherings, or "TPSNG" (pronounced "tip'sing").

A Track is a series of sessions that are joined by a shared theme. Past tracks include: Webmaking; Imagining Better Futures Through Play; Medios Caminantes; Media Policy for Love and Justice; Community Radio.

A Practice Space is a fixed space at the AMC that features ongoing activities and hands-on sessions around a theme. Past Practice Spaces include: Transformative Arts, DiscoTech Media Lab, Kids Transform the World.

Network Gatherings are day-long mini-conferences convened by a local or national network on the Thursday before the AMC. They can be open to the public or closed meetings. Past Network Gatherings include: INCITE!, Nation Inside, Brown Boi Project.

Please read our FAQs for AMC2014 TPSNGs prior to submitting your proposal. You may also want to review the TPSNG descriptions from the last AMC as inspiration.

Before submitting your proposal, consider the questions:

  • What seeds were planted at past AMCs that could be nurtured into a Track, Network Gathering or Practice Space at AMC2014?
  • What are some brand new ideas for AMC Tracks, Network Gatherings and Practice Spaces?
  • How can your TPSNG engage communities most often left out of conference spaces?
  • How will your proposal embody AMP network principles and advance the practice of media-based organizing?
  • How can your TPSNG help advance the visions of your network or community?

Contact if you would like to discuss your ideas before submitting your proposal.

You can also learn more by joining one of our info sessions, on October 16, 8:00 p.m. EST and November 9 @ 12noon EST. For call-in details email or follow the AMC on Twitter @alliedmediaconf

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