AMC2013 reflections from the Cucci, Queer and Trans Angelinos Delegation

Check out some AMC reflections and media from the Cucci, Queer and Trans Angelinos of Los Angeles.

AMC delegations are groups who collectively fundraise for, travel to, and reflect on the Allied Media Conference together. AMC2013 included nine official delegations.

The Cucci, Queer and Trans Angelinos of LA descended on Detroit with tools and ideas for ways to healthily develop sex-positive practices with our bodies and within our communities. They documented their delegation's experience through photos (viewable on Facebook), a video of their AMC session, and through their We Stay Fly Zine.

a page from the We Stay Fly zine

The Cucci, Queer and Trans Angelinos made the curriculum from their workshop "Sex Esteem" available for download here. The workshop is designed to create a space “where we (re)name, (re)claim and honor our bodies, grow our confidence and our self-love.”

Note: This session was tagged as “not appropriate for kids” so please use your discretion when viewing these materials.

"I was reminded of what I want to focus on in my life right now, and how I need to be patient with making those things happen. It was really great to see how people are using different forms and levels of technology, new and old, to mobilize their movements, and contribute to transformation. Also the convening of amazing artists, activists, and rebels of color, is always a surge of energy that jolts momentum." -Zumi, delegation participant and session presenter

Thanks to Cucci, Queer and Trans Angelinos of LA for documenting their experience at the AMC. We look forward to having the crew return in 2014. For a copy of their zine, email them!

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