VIDEO | Watch this awesome documentary about the AMC from PhillyCAM

Check out this cool compilation of video footage from the Allied Media Conference produced by our friends at PhillyCAM

Philadelphia Community Access Media (aka PhillyCAM) is a community media center that brings together the people of Philadelphia to make and share media that promotes creative expression, democratic values, and civic participation. PhillCAM organized a "Really Rad Radio and Video Production Crew" at the 15th annual Allied Media Conference who did some phenomenal documentation of the AMC.

Special thanks to the Really Rad Radio and Video Production Crew: Vanessa Maria Graber, Antoine Haywood, Ana Martina and Will Floyd, Leana Cabral. Additional video footage was provided by Ben Leon, Jon Beilin, and Kibwe. The video was edited by Ryan Young and Antoine Haywood.

Browse more documentation from the AMC in our "Round-up of AMC2013 Reflections".

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