3 reasons why you should become an AMP sustainer

Help keep us going! Allied Media Projects is seeking monthly sustainer contributions to help grow the Allied Media Conference and sustain our community programs in Detroit.

Sustainers select a monthly amount that is automatically contributed each month. Here are three big reasons why you should become a monthly sustainer of AMP:

1. AMP’s programs positively impact thousands of people.

Every year the Allied Media Conference provides an experience that many people describe as "revitalizing" and "life-changing" because it lets us practice the world we want to live in and inspires our lives and work beyond the AMC. Thousands of people bring that energy back to their communities, where it continues to circulate.

In our Detroit community, AMP’s programs feed new skills and relationships into the grassroots work of community revitalization. Hundreds of adults and thousands of youth have gone through AMP’s Detroit Future Media and Detroit Future Schools programs, or have been engaged in community technology projects through the Detroit Digital Justice Coalition.

DFM 2013 class

2. Our visions don’t fit within a grant period.

The structure of most foundation funding requires that organizations live year-to-year, limiting the scope of our visions to 12- or 24-month grant periods.

We need the commitment of sustainers within our Allied Media network to ensure that our vision-based work can continue evolving into the future with a degree of independence from foundation funding cycles.

Photo by Ara Howrani

3. We only have to ask once.

AMP staff want to spend less time chasing funding, and more time doing the work.

It is surprisingly difficult to ask for support from the people who we care about, and who care about our work the most. By signing up to make a monthly contribution to AMP you help us save staff time and energy because we will only have to ask you once to become a sustaining contributor, and that time and energy saved can be reinvested into our programs.

Whether you contribute $2 or $200 per month, your contribution will sustain AMP and provide an invaluable affirmation of the importance of the work of building a more just, creative, and collaborative world.

Your contribution is tax-deductible and we will periodically send sustainers little goodies in the mail as a token of our immense appreciation.

Photo by Ara Howrani


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Here are some of the things your contributions will help support between now and the end of the year:

  • Ongoing evaluation and reflection on AMC2013 in order to lay the groundwork for an even better AMC2014.
  • The launch of the AMC2014 organizing process this Fall
  • Monthly meet-ups of Digital Stewards to support them in continuing to build mesh networks in neighborhoods throughout Detroit.
  • Usage of AMP’s media lab and equipment library by members of the Detroit Future network
  • The completion of the Detroit Future Media Round 3 Apprenticeship program
  • The launch of AMP’s consulting and training services.
  • Detroit Future Schools digital media arts-integration programs in partnership with The James and Grace Lee Boggs School, Hamtramck High School, The Tri-County Educational Center and more schools, to be announced.
  • Facilitation of the Detroit Digital Justice Coalition and technical support for its network of Public Computer Centers.
  • Teacher professional development institutes for area teachers focusing on digital media arts-integration, critical pedagogy, community-school interactions and participatory evaluation.
  • Facilitation of online dialogue and resource sharing via the AMPtalk platform.

Thanks for all your contributions, financial and otherwise, and please help us get the word out about the AMP sustainers program.


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