Next City covers AMP’s local digital justice work

The urban planning magazine, Next City recently published two important articles by Detroit-based journalist Anna Clark that explore the complex and contentious planning process known as the Detroit Works Project, recently rebranded as Detroit Future City.

The first, "Can Urban Planning Rescue Detroit?" provides a wide range of critiques and aspirations for the Detroit Future City framework, and highlights the Detroit Future programs that AMP launched two years prior in partnership with the East Michigan Environmental Action Council, and Detroit Digital Justice Coalition. The article is available for $2 to non-Next City subscribers.

The second article (available free of charge), "Two Distinct But Overlapping Visions for the Future of Detroit" explores the conundrum of two different projects bearing essentially the same name – Detroit Future and Detroit Future City – and proposes a community benefits agreement for the grassroots communities that identify with the name "Detroit Future".

Next City article


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